Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tournament Mgr?

Tournament Mgr is a tournament management application where as a tournament organizer, you can create and manage tournaments, so your participants and fans stay up to date with matchup and tournament information.

How much does Tournament Mgr cost?

Tournament Mgr is completely free to use

What kind of tournaments can I create?

Currently Tournament Mgr supports Single Elimination Tournaments.

How many players/teams can I have in a single elimination tournament?

Currently we support 3-128 players/teams

Is there a mobile app available?

Yes, currently Tournament Mgr is available on iPhone/iPad

I need help running my tournament. What do I do?

Create Tournament

How do I create a tournament?

In the iPhone/iPad app, from the “Tournaments View” click the “+” button. If you are on any other view you can open the sidebar menu and click “Create Tournament”. Once you fill out the tournament details, click next and you can confirm the details. If you need to modify any parameters click back. Once you have confirmed the details by clicking “confirm” the tournament will be created and you will be presented with a generated bracket for your tournament.

How do I modify players & teams that are in my tournament?

Navigate to the “Manage tournament” view and click edit players/teams, then just tap the player or team you would like to modify.

I want to make my tournament a best of 3. How do I modify the number of games per matchup?

Navigate to the “Manage tournament” view and click manage rounds, then just set each round to be the total number of number games in the series you would like.

Share Codes

What is a share code?

A share code is a unique customizable identifier for your tournament. Share codes can be used to find your tournament on the web: Example:

How do I create a sharecode?

You can create a share code in the iPhone/iPad app on the “Manage Tournament” view. Just click the “Create Share code” button, and enter a share code. It will check the share code database to make sure the entered code is unique. Once it is finished you can start sharing the share code with your players, coaches friends and family.

How do I subscribe to a tournament using a sharecode?

In the iPhone/iPad app, navigate to the “Find Tournaments” view. Enter the share code in the text box and click subscribe.